The Problem

Lmching is an advance Shopify store for skincare and beauty products, the goal is to provide customers with the best hassle-free online shopping experience. Despite having the potential to provide a smooth customer shopping experience, the store is hindered by its slow speed performance. This can be attributed to various third-party applications as well as langify translations for different countries. The core web vitals score for both desktop and mobile versions of the website is at 0%.

lmching desktop core web vitals

The Results

Following a comprehensive review of the website and pinpointing the theme's bottlenecks, our team was able to attain 95%+ good URLs on desktop, resulting in a 20% reduction in page loading time. This yielded improved Core Web Vitals scores across the sites. We are currently in the process of optimizing the core web vitals on mobile and are optimistic that we can reach a 95%+ score in the near future.

The company

LMCHING is a global online store for skincare and beauty products, as well as other fast-moving consumer goods and lifestyle items. The company was founded with the goal of providing easy access to a wide range of affordable, high-quality beauty and skincare products. With the strong support of customers and suppliers, LMCHING has grown rapidly and now operates in over 200 countries. The company also has a physical retail network with over 300 outlets.The company champions the right to quality skincare at affordable prices for all, and works with suppliers to produce and provide the best quality skincare and beauty products.

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